This order is an extension to the previous order ID 4981552607. The writer understand the reason of adding another order literature review on the top of the previous one. For the literature review. Please add the details required for the introduction as is explained in the attached file sent. If 1000 words for the introduction is not reached. The remaining word could be added to the literature review. The literature review will cover 6 essential points which are the lack of women in the civil engineering profession, gender equality such as the opportunities and the promotion provided to women at different stage of careers such us at young stage of career or at senior level, ageism, sexism, discrimination at work and the difficulty between balancing the work and family responsibilities. (No specific age requires for the barriers mentioned above and these challenges could occurred at any stage of profession). The objective will be maximum of 150 -200 words and will be as a points.

1- Analyse the secondary data and identify the themes and barriers associated with the women Civil Engineers.

2- Conduct the research primary data by interviewing a number of women.

3-Evaluate and compare both the secondary and the primary data to confirmed the identified themes or discovering a new barriers.

4- Propose strategies and recommendations to enhance the situation of the construction industry. Please re-write the following points and if possible try to use a specific words that is normally used for the objective section. The word count is crucial for my dissertation so please stick will the quantity of words as is explained. With regards to the number of sources, i have selected 25 for the previous order and 25 for the literature review. Please add a reasonable number of sources. Some situation the big number of sources decrease the quality of the thesis and on the hand, by decreasing the number indicates a lack of research and not covering the major important ideas. Please use your experience with this point. I think a maximum of 50 for 2500 Is suitable as every source is cited after 50 words on the paragraph. However, please use your research experience to adjust the number of source with the information provided.

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