Main Objective of the assessment
The individual report aims to:
* Assess your knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships of the key components of brand management
* Assess your ability to analyze and evaluate any challenges managers face throughout the course of strategic brand management.
* Challenge your knowledge and understanding of brand management theories to provide a creative, appropriate course of actions on a business idea. * Develop your writing skills to effectively present your analysis and arguments in a professional and persuasive manner.
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Description of the Assessment
You are required to examine a sector of your choice in-depth and suggest ways to develop a new brand to enter that sector. You need to select a specific sector from the following list and write a brand audit report:
Fashion product or service Fitness related product or service E-commerce platform
Delivery service
A touristic destination
An online personality
The project should be entirely based on secondary information such as reliable public sources, trade magazines and business publications, company websites, library databases etc. as well as your professional experiences, insights and expertise. Primary research is not essential. Your report must include the following components and fully address these questions:
An executive summary of your project
1. Sector analysis (30%)
a. Describe the consumption trend and discuss the major opportunities in your sector. b. Profile major competitive brands and market situation.
c. Analyze the major brands in the sector and produce a positioning map.
2. Develop a new brand to enter the market (50%)
a. Develop a new brand and justify your decisions. You should identify gaps in the market and opportunities for the new brand as well as explain
why the new brand is needed.
b. Detail and explain your brand graphics (names, logos, slogan and packages).
c. Develop a new communication strategy for your new brand.
d. Discuss the four components of the new brand that you aim to achieve: brand identity, brand image, brand positioning and brand equity.
3. Make recommendations on how the brand should be managed in the next 3 years. (20%)
You may consider suggesting a marketing plan and discuss the details of development and implementation. For example, you might wish to discuss your competitive reactions and how you will respond through appropriate actions to build a strong brand.
Approved BBS Coursework Brief Template 2019/20 2 of 6
Brunel Business School
A conclusion of your report
The report (accounts for 100% of your overall mark of the course)

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