1. Early explain the Project and grab the reader’s attention. What is it about? What is the key question? Why is it relevant or important?

2. Present a literature review that summarizes current knowledge on your research subject. This component requires extensive reference to appropriate literature sources, putting the ideas or findings of other researchers into an appropriate context. Keep it relevant; not everything written about your topic will be relevant to your study. Your literature review should be a focused argument that explains and justifies your aim and objectives, based mainly on up-to-date academic literature.

3. From the review of the literature, identify an appropriate research question –a gap in current knowledge or an area that requires clarification. This provides the justification for your research. In some Projects, your research questions will lead on to a statement of your hypothesis(es).

4. You should conclude your introduction with a statement of the aim of your work. The aim itself should be stated as concisely as possible but should be followed by specific research objectives to help you to achieve your aim.

Note: you should have a single aim; and the objectives are the steps required to reach that aim.

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