Assessment task 1: Social and emotional developmental report.

1. Investigate and report on how Early Childhood Educators apply knowledge of social and emotional development of children aged 3-5 to establish and foster respectful relationships.

2. You will begin by describing the social and emotional development of children aged 3-5.

3. Analyze and describe social and development in relation to establishing and maintaining respectful relationships between … the child and the educator and between the child’s and his /her peers.

4. Identify and critically discuss pedagogy, principles and practices that support.

5. Include in your discussion practices use in early childhood education to prepare young children for the transition to school and the role of early childhood educators in this preparation.

6. Support your claims with relevant theories about early childhood development and education that inform practice.

7. Examine, analyze and describe social and emotional development within a current framework either the NQS ( National Quality Standard ) or EYLF ( Early Years Learning Framework ).

Assessment Criteria
The discussion report must:
1. Explain social and emotional development of children 3-5 years old links to contemporary theories that inform practice

2. Examines, analyses and describes social and emotional development links to a current framework (NQS or EYLF)

3. Contain correct spelling, grammar and punctuation and APA style referencing.

4. Must contain 10 peer reviewed articles / References. (citing at least 10 peer reviewed articles or similar).

5. Discussion points must be supported by relevant early childhood scholarly literature, theory and EYLF/NQS.

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