Assisting in the management of the company’s existing accounts such as Netflix, Tinder and HSBC, which involves organizing promotional events and content management. In addition, personally managing an account such as Linklaters. Main activities including:

  • Constant engagement with clients in order to increase clients’ market awareness as well as pitch idea to improve the account product/brand name.
  • Management and creation of contents for clients’ website.

 Quantitative Analyst

MegaHub Limited                                                                                       July 2017 – March 2019

Hong Kong

Conducted financial analysis on Hong Kong financial market as well as responsible for the research and development of various financial models to assist in making the financial judgments (using MATLAB, Python, and R). Main activities including:

  • Identified significant relationships between the performance of Hong Kong stock and factors such as Market Capital and various indicator.
  • Created a model that used the volatility of brokers as a base to predict the upward movement of stocks using machines learning.
  • Assisting the application patents of the company’s formula for their original indicator.

Business Development Officer

Develop and execute strategies for sourcing new business opportunities for precision machine tools trading and gain first-hand experience in sales and marketing in both China and European markets. Main activities including:

  • Frequent communication with clients, suppliers and customers alike.
  • Overseeing distribution of products.
  • Organizing and Participating in events and exhibitions.

Junior Researcher

Supercritical Fluid Research & Dense Gas Technology                      June 2013 – July 2013

Research Center in the University of New South, Australia

As an Intern at the Research Center where I assisted in the research of various post-graduates as well as conducting personal research, to grasp a better understanding on the analytical skill required in the STEM Field. Main activities including:

  • Researched on the Impact of different factors of anti-solvents that affected the growth of crystals during the crystallization between solvent and anti-solvents.

 Junior Researcher

Nanomaterial Technology Ltd.                                                                                   August 2010


As an Intern, I was to investigate in the application of nanotechnology within the petrochemical industry. Main activities including:

  • Explore the existing market demand for such application.
  • Evaluate the current level of development for such application and provide possible future application.


Language:                                                           English, Chinese and French (Beginner)

Computer:                                                          Microsoft Office, Sitecore CMS

Programming:                                                   MATLAB, Python, R Studio

Certificate in Data Science & Machine Learning.

Certificate in Python Fundamentals.

References are available upon request      

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