This five-page paper is solely from information from the three attached lectures PLEASE try not to use outside sources all the information is inside the attached lectures. Note which lecture is used as a citation.

Write on the following:

Examine and discuss The Eventual Decline and Demise of the Soviet Union/and The Soviet-Led Socialist Bloc.

Examine and discuss  The root-causes of the eventual economic decline and fall of the U.S.S.R. in the early Soviet Russia period and the Stalin era.

Examine and discuss  Political problems inside the Soviet system dating from the Stalin era that contributed to the difficulties leading to the political decline and fall.

Examine and discuss  The C.P.S.U. 20 th Congress of 1956, impact?

Examine and discuss  How did the politics of the Carter, Reagan, and first Bush administrations contribute to the Soviet Union/>’s decline and fall?

Examine and discuss  The perestroika and glasnost reforms of Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Gorbachev as attempts to stave off decline and collapse. Did they work? Why/why not?


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