Start off by making a day to day chart of the focus learner’s assessment record. What days did he/she accomplish the daily objective and which days did he/she not? What scores were made on formative and summative assessments? Then use those results to answer the following questions. Each bullet point is a separate question and should be a full paragraph.

Assessment Commentary Prompts:

1. Analyzing the Focus Learner Performance

Summarize the focus learner’s progress toward the learning goal as reflected in the lesson objectives. The summary can be presented in a table or described in several paragraphs.
Analyze the focus learner’s performance based on strengths (what s/he appears to understand or do well) and needs (where s/he continues to struggle or s/he needs greater challenge). Include any error analysis and based on types of planned support provided to the focus learner.

Based on the focus learner’s performance, explain how the planned supports you used did or did not impact learning and provide access to the content.

2. Evidence of Use of the Expressive/Receptive Communication Skill

Explain the focus learner’s use of the communication skill to participate in learning tasks or demonstrate learning related to the learning goal.

Explain the extent to which the planned supports for the expressive/receptive communication skill built on the learner’s strengths and/or addressed needs relative to participating in the learning tasks or demonstrating learning related to the learning goal.

Describe the planned supports you provided to help the focus learner generalize and/or maintain the communication skill.

3. Using Assessment to Inform Instruction;

Consider what you know about the focus learner and the effectiveness of your instruction/intervention and the learning environment when designing next steps related to the learning goal. Consider all aspects of instruction, including planned supports, as appropriate. Connect your next steps to your analysis of the focus learner’s performance.

Based on your analysis of the focus learner’s performance, describe next steps for instruction to improve or continue learning.

Based on what the focus learner knows and can do and your next steps, describe implications for the focus learner’s IEP goals and/or curriculum.

Not sure how many pages this will take. If more are needed, please let me know. Thanks so much!! If more informations is needed, please let me know. A lot of this information is just to be made up according to the data provided. Thanks so mch!

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