Assessment Rubric

  1. Explains thoroughly ways in which leadership of people and processes was utilized while designing an intervention and implementation plan. Notes how the leadership approach contributed to improved outcomes, or could be modified to address challenges.
  2. Demonstrates process improvements in the quality, safety, or cost of care as a result of a direct clinical intervention and a developed professional product. Makes explicit reference to data and evidence to support relevant improvements.
  3. Demonstrates patient-experience improvements resulting from a clinical intervention and implementation of a newly developed professional product, making explicit reference to data and evidence to illustrate relevant improvements.
  4. Justifies decisions related to developing a professional product with relevant research, evidence, and best practices. Notes criteria used to determine the relevance of the supporting evidence.
  5. Communicates professionally in writing that is exceptionally clear and well organized, with correct grammar, spelling, and flawless use of APA style.

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