Compare, contrast and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different corporate strategies for compliance with regulation that is followed by firms in two differently regulated industries.

Follow these key guidelines for designing your essay:
i. Briefly define the standards you will use for your evaluation of the compliance strategies.
ii. Explain your selection of regulated industries and firms.
iii. Describe the companies’ strategic approach to compliance.
iv. Identify the advantages and disadvantages. Compare them (consider using a table to do so).
v. Explain why the companies chose those strategies.
Examine the companies’ internal structures used to pursue that approach to compliance.
vii. Give an overall evaluation of the balance of advantages and disadvantages in the cases that you have examined Select companies carefully. You may find examples in the readings, or in online case studies, or from reports on regulators’ web sites.
ix. Concisely set out the basis on which you have selected the industries for comparison.
x. Review the ways in which those strategies have responded to the different approaches taken by the regulatory authorities and their different powers over the companies.
xi. Consider whether those strategies were effective, given the responses of the regulatory bodies.
xii. Ensure that your answer demonstrates your learning from each part of the module.

I have written a plan which is included below you do not have to follow it. Although I would like the petroleum industry to be one of the industries discussed. You can use some of the sources attached if useful and some of the ones noted in the plan. I would also like it in the intro, literature review, analysis, discussion, conclusion format.

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