This is a continuation of the assessments you worked on medication errors. In this is assignment you must pick 3 or 4 subcategories for eg showing ways to reduce medication errors, causes for errors, error reporting.
For each sub categories if its 4 you choose 3 sources for each subcategory and summarize them. If your pick 3 subcategories like the one mentioned above then you choose 4 sources and site. No matter the choice it needs to equal to 12 sources used equally.

In the instructions that i have attached, the professor gives an example of what the paragraph should say for each article (highlighted in green). i have also attached a sample from another student and you can follow the same subcategories as long as they apply to medication errors. The paper does not have to be that long. the paragraph summarizing the article should include the following :
• Identify necessary resources to support the implementation and continued sustainability of a safety improvement initiative.
• Analyze the usefulness of resources to the role group responsible for implementing quality and safety improvements.
• Analyze the value of resources to reduce patient safety risk.
• Present compelling reasons and relevant situations for use of resource tool kit by its target audience.

The sample highlighted in green and student sample should help guide you. Again each article summarized can be a paragraph as long as it answers what the professor wants.

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