Information for my dissertation critical literature review

2800 words

  • Offer a critical account of the current state of knowledge
  • Include a conceptual framework (towards the end of the section)

Provide an account of the importance of Relationship Marketing in developing the partnership between (a large multi-national organization (ALLIANZ) and a start-up technology company (Flock Cover).

Link to Flock cover website:

Link to Allianz website:


I am conducting my dissertation on the way that the relationship was built between Allianz and Flock in developing a very specific new brand of Drone insurance.

I have decided to look into the Drone insurance market and specifically the marketing communications and relationship that AGCS has developed with Flock; how this partnership was looked at prior to being agreed to benefit both companies as well as post agreement how the collaboration has developed as well.

To complete this critical literature review I need to provide an extensive and appropriate selection of a wide range of resources.

Showing excellent and imaginative conceptual frameworks throughout.

Literature must be critically and thoroughly objectively and authoritatively.

These are the three themes that I looked at when conducting my interviews and focus group, and these elements must be focused on throughout this literature review

First Theme – How was the relationship developed between Allianz and Flock?

  • Difficult to build the relationship?
  • Did both companies hold similar shared values when going into the relationship?
  • Were there a lot of compromises required form either company in order to develop this partnership?
  • Expensive?
  • Was there ever a point where either company thought about backing out?
  • Finding target market?
  • How long did it take to organize the relationship?
  • Who approached who?
  • Was it only Allianz who Flock targeted for this partnership?
  • How was the relationship built?
  • Co co-ordinated events?
  • Face to face meetings?
  • Emails?
  • Over the phone?
  • How has the relationship been continually secured over time?
  • Do both sides of the relationship now hold a strong sense of loyalty towards the other company?
  • How much contact is there between both companies on a day to day basis? If not, daily how often is this relationship reinforced?

Second Theme – From each company’s perspective why was the partnership worthwhile?

  • How do both companies ensure that it remains profitable for both sides at the same time?
  • Was this seen as a highly innovative step in getting ahead of the rest of the market?
  • Was that a key point for both companies in initially developing the relationship?
  • Simple?
  • Offer competitive advantage?
  • What made Allianz decide to completely support Flock financially?
  • Did it immediately create benefits on both sides of the partnership?
  • How was the customer base handled from both sides?
  • Did both companies already have their own customers or did the majority come from Allianz as it is the bigger more powerful company within this market?
  • Has it been more beneficial for one company than the other?
  • Have other partnerships been developed within the market by other companies in following this partnership Allianz and Flock have developed?
  • Exponential market growth available in drone insurance?
  • From developing this relationship do both companies now fundamentally rely on the other company in order to continue with business in this field.
  • Is the relationship co-dependent on a daily basis or does each company run separately?

Third Theme – Has the relationship ever come to the point where the partnership has been questioned going forward?

  • If so…
  • How have these issues been resolved?
  • Why did the issue arise in the first place?
  • Do you feel these issues have made the relationship between the companies stronger?
  • Have there been many conflicts that could have caused this and if so, how have these been handled successfully between both companies to maintain the relationship?
  • Was there ever an issue over the power balance within the relationship?

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