Write/Use Plain Simple Voice**

This is to be a personal reflection/journal

***Required Text book below**

***Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities by Martha Nussbaum, Princeton University Press, 2016 (ISBN: 9780691173320) ***


See instructions below from professor: ***Two Pages***

After watching the attached video and reading Chapter 6 ( Cultivating Imaginatioin pg.  95-120) of the Not for Profit book. Your response must be approximately 450 words in length. What I really want to see is sincerity and open-mindedness in your personal reflection and clear engagement with the reading. The papers should be double-spaced, maximum 12-point type, maximum one-inch margins on all sides, in a MLA format.

Please watch this TED talk on imagination with Charles Faulkner, an independent scholar.


Please watch this TED talk on the value of literature with Dr. Danielle Carlotti-Smith, Adjunct Professor in Comparative Literature at the University of Tulsa.



Please answer the question below.

Topic: How do literature and the arts cultivate a moral imagination according to Nussbaum? Why is the moral imagination so important to democratic flourishing?

Remember: Please address both aspects of this question to receive full credit.

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