Your reflection should give you time and space to step back from the work at hand and examine it with a critical eye. It is also an opportunity to assess your work, and to think about what you’re most proud of, what you most enjoyed doing, what you want to improve, and what has changed since your diagnostic essay and initial expectations. It’s your chance to think about and record what you’ve learned and where you have struggled and/or grown. Please compose your reflection as a letter to your instructor and classmates, which allows for a more relaxed and personal tone. Your reflection should consider and include reflections on the questions below (but should not be a step-by-step answer to the questions):

An evaluation of each piece of writing in the portfolio. Consider both strengths and weaknesses, and give examples from your writing to support what you say. What would you change if you had more time? Which is your favorite piece, and why? Which is your least favorite?

An assessment of your overall writing performance. What do you do well? What still needs improvement?

A discussion of how the writing you did in this course has affected your development as a writer. How does the writing in your portfolio compare with writing you did in the past? What do you know now that you didn’t know before? What can you do that you couldn’t do before?

A description of your writing habits and process. What do you usually do? How well does it work? What techniques seem to help you most, and why? Which seem less helpful? Cite passages from your drafts that support your conclusions.
An analysis of your performance in the course. How did you spend your time? Did you collaborate with others? Did you have any conferences with your instructor? Did you visit the writing center/center for learning? Consider how these or any other activities contributed to your success.

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