Kindly help with previous writer. Formative Assignment FeedbackLO1: Analyse the relevant health data which clearly identifies global patterns of health and disease.
Analyze the health data related to the global health challenge.
Analysis should include clear comparison between the chosen country and the UK
You have made a good start on achieving this outcome. Make sure that your data is presented clearly – I like how you have identified the potential complications early on. Think about how diabetes might interact with other health challenges to develop this further. Perhaps establish here why the WHO has identified it as a health challenge.
LO2: In relation to a global health challenge, evaluate the relevant policies and contemporary public health practices that inform the role of the future nurse.
Critical discussion of the global health initiatives to address the health challenge.
Critically discuss the contemporary public health practices and the role of the future nurse in addressing this global health challenge.
Again, you have made a good start on this outcome. Name specific policies and identify how they will address the challenges you identify. It would be good to think about why this might be further down the agenda in Nigeria – think about priorities and argue why this should be. What specifically can nurses do to address this challenge and how is this supported with policy.
LO3: Evaluate collaborative and partnership approaches, in relation to tackling global health inequalities, across people of all ages, cultures and beliefs.
Consider the services/organizations who work towards tackling the identified challenge – these may extend beyond traditional health services/systems.
Consider whether health inequalities exist.
Identify specific determinants of health related to the challenge.
Identify a relevant model of health and include this within the analysis of the approaches used to tackle the challenge.
Consider whether a specific population is a greater risk in relation to the global health challenge.
Think about if there are specific groups within Nigeria which need to be targeted and compare this to the UK.
Look at the socioeconomic differences that might mean the determinants affecting this disease. might be different and might inform different approaches. Are there similarities?
LO4: Identify a global health challenge and critically discuss the initiatives to address the identified issue.
Critically discuss initiatives to address the global health challenge.
The relevant initiative could be a health promotion initiative, social policy, professional issue however the intended aim is to critically discuss the selected initiatives.
Comparison of the issues between the chosen country and the UK relevant to the chosen challenge.
Evidence based critical discussion using relevant literature and data.
You have made a good start on this. Focus on differences between the 2 countries in terms of economics and health care provision – ie numbers of health care workers and discuss how this could mean that diabetes is further down the agenda.General – check your spelling and grammar – you have used “preference” in place of “prevalence” in a few places. Proof-read your final submission to check for these errors. Make sure that your data supports your assertions.
Includes appropriate Referencing –
Reference as per university regulations – refer to LEAP online. Use more academic references from university of Bolt.

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