Read the case study Gemini Systems: Managing From The Middle In A High-Tech Company. In a five to seven page essay, analyze the situation using the following case study analysis format.
Identify a motivation related issue within the case study.
Decide which principles, theories or models related to leadership/change management best apply to the observed facts of the case. Analyze and evaluate the issues and the problem.
Develop a two or three solutions to the issues you have identified using the principles, theories or models you have selected.
Identify specific next steps the organization can take based on where the case leaves off. What additional issues do you foresee for them in the future based on the end of the case?
This assignment should incorporate and reference the assigned readings as support/expansion on your insights. Please use APA format for this paper – This means please do have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion addressing the three primary items above (please do not present your thoughts in a list format of 1, 2, 3, 4). An abstract is not necessary. As usual, your grade will be based on your thoroughness of addressing the above items, how well you integrate and cite concepts from the class as support, grammar/punctuation, APA structure and overall construction of the paper.

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