My research question is:

How has the rise of islamophobia affected the daily lives of Asian Muslims living in the UK?

I need outline of the concepts below please.

I am asking you to review the literature in a breakdown of Four chapters:

1.Experience of Islamophobia

2.Identifying and Othering

3.Race and Racialisation

4.Media and Politics influence

  1. Experience of Islamophobia

( not in order)

  • Gendered Islamophobia
  • Islamophobia experience at both institutional and personal level

( institutional – work (employment, treated in office), education, policing and the state

  • Personal level – harassment, name calling, violence towards Muslims from the majority (in UK).
  1. Identifying and othering
  • Different ways Muslims identify (male and female)
  • Alienated from majority through identification
  1. Race and racialisation -essentialism etc…
  2. Media and Political influence

Keep the below in mind when writing:

  • Identify which bodies of work/strands of thinking (e.g. literature on stigma/agency/identity construction/modes of representation) are helpful to answer our research question?
  • What is already known in relation to your question?
  • How has this knowledge helped direct you to this particular research problem?
  • How has this knowledge helped you identify it is important/worthy of further consideration?
  • How has the literature shaped our understanding of some of the sub-questions (might want more specific lit here – e.g. stigma in relation to students with disabilities/identity construction amongst mixed race young people/media representation of gay men in politics)?
  • What other things do we need to take account of?
  • Where will you go from here?

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