Background Information:
This is a course on engineering ethics. This week the subject is risk and liability. This paper should have a smooth flow, but still remain factual and formal. It should not feel like it just spews out facts. Each paragraph should flow into the next with introductions and conclusions.Although I put two sources are required you really only need one. If you feel that an additional source could be useful in supporting something feel free to use another source. Please start with a brief introduction and end with a conclusion as well.
If you have any questions on how to complete the assignment or would like to gain a little more understanding of what the course is subject is about please reach out to me. I have a very good understanding of this course and what has been going on. I have attached the rubric for the assignment.

The assignment:
How does the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics promote safety, health and welfare to the public/society? (Write at least 3 paragraphs)

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