Provide an Individual (1650 words) critical evaluation of the organization sustainability and CSR, alongside the financial performance of a major international corporation of your choice.

Guidance: Refer to the lectures provided in the Strategy component of the module where you covered responsible decision making, considering areas such as the concept of the triple bottom line, expectation of the chosen organization in terms of CSR and how these decisions are underpinned in terms of an  organizational  sustainability  agenda. You should also consider how the  company executes  its  Corporate  Governance.  In terms of financial performance, consider the key financial statements provided by the organization and consider these in absolute terms alongside the use of a manageable number of financial ratios.

12 – 14 Academic References should be used: Remember that all sources cited in the assignment should appear  in  the reference list.

Marks will be deducted for reports that do not conform to the structure above and which fall below the presentation and writing standards expected for a professional report.

Submission of Assessment:

Both assignments should conform to the following specification:

  1. Word-processed in Arial 11p t, 1.5 spacing
  2. Each section should start on a new page
  3. Pages should be numbered

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