Gather information about a population that is particularly vulnerable during the current corona virus
pandemic and efforts that are being made to address them.
Choose one vulnerable population that is suffering during the corona virus pandemic.
Examples could include homeless people, low-wage workers, the elderly, people in
prison, people without access to health care, etc.
Using credible news sources, describe the magnitude of the problem (how many people are affected) and the extent of human suffering caused by this pandemic in this population . See image below to choose your news sources. Only use news sources in the “high quality” “leans right, neutral, or leans left” categories. In other words, nothing from the “mixed quality” or “poor quality” or “hyper-partisan” categories.
Using journalistic, academic, or web sources, identify at least one organization or movement that is addressing this vulnerable population during the corona virus epidemic.
Describe how this organization or movement is seeking to care for, protect, and advocate for this population during the pandemic.
Conclude the paper by assessing whether or not this movement and/or organization fits with your understanding of Jesus’ command to love our neighbors and enemies and the tactics associated with Ghandian application of the Sermon on the Mount.

Grading Criteria
This paper will be assessed using the following criteria:
• Description of vulnerable population: Did the author use convincing evidence to show that this is indeed a particularly vulnerable population during the pandemic.(7 points)
• Description of organization/movement: Did the author identify a non- movement or organization that is caring for, protecting, and advocating for this vulnerable population? Did the author effectively identify its goals, tactics, successes,and failures? (7 points)

Conclusion: Did the author show understanding of Jesus’ love commands and the Ghandian application of the sermon on the mount by evaluating the organization/movement in the extent to which it applied these principles? (7 points)
• Writing: Was the paper written in clear, grammatical prose? (4 points)
Submit your final paper to Canvas on or before May 8. No late papers will be accepted.

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