Considering the significant number of neurological disorders and what you have learned this week, take time to reflect upon the content and your experiences. Please watch an Educational Webinar related to Brain Dysfunction and submit a journal entry. There are many brain dysfunctions and a lot to learn. Is there something you are curious about? Is there a personal experience you would like to understand better? Or, just Google it – no matter how you get there, the goal is to leave the experience knowing more than when you started.

Provide a synopsis of the webinar and a brief description of the pathophysiology of the disorder, as well as what you gleaned from the webinar. Reflect upon this experience, consider what you learned, and how this could affect your practice as an APRN.
The paper submission should be 500-550 words in length and in APA format.

Required Articles
Traumatic Brain Injury:
Dash, H. H., & Chavali, S. (2018). Management of traumatic brain injury patients. Korean Journal of Anesthesiology, 71(1), 12–21.
Updated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Guideline for Adults

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