This project must include some element of original data collection. The writer is expected to conduct a literature search in creating a mobile game, app development, apps for kids, it will effectively be for the prototype of an app which is suitable for kids, simple tap on the screen / flappy bird style game which will be the basis for critical analysis and evaluation of original data collection.

The written project report will be accompanied by a physical or software product that is an outcome of your enquiries and it is imperative that the writer use a lot of intuition and assumptions when performing a lit review on a game like flappy bird.

The writer can also integrate your knowledge and skills from several different subject areas. For example, computer science, programming, games development etc. It is important to maintain contact as the app is still being developed over the next few days, but this should not get in the way of creating the following:

Just keep in mind: FLAPPY BIRDS! (basic tap screen, mobile, platformer game)

  1. Introduction
    Title, Abstract, Aims and Objectives (creating a simple app demo)
    Bit of research
  • Programming language and properties to use
  • Aim of the game
  • Usage of programs
  • Game difficulty, choices, interface
  • Asset acquirement


  • Building the game
  • Programming (Unity Engine & C#)
  • Game functions (tap screen)
  • Target audiences (kids upwards)
  • Time management (assume from mid-January till end of March)


  • Creation of assets
  • Creation of game logic
  • Creation of menu and controls
  • Coding
  • VFX / SFX


  • Self-testing
  • External testing


I will send along a GAANT chart that outlines the app development.

  1. Literature Review
    Whatever the writer can source in terms of why more people are playing mobile
    games, mobile games for kids, maybe a bit on unity ads, will be created in the unity engine, big bulk of the research into mobile gaming etc.
  2. Existing research
    something in relation to original data collection, this can be fabricated, ie. 20kids played with the app and thought A, B and C – this element should make the writing easier as it can be assumed.

    and References in Harvard Format

At the end of the project it should have clearly displayed an ability to:

  1. Plan, negotiate and complete a piece of independent work related to a computing topic.
  2. Review, select and integrate relevant theoretical perspectives in the context of the area studied.
  3. Collect, analyze and interpret data (primary and secondary) within the professional context.
  4. Communicate and demonstrate ideas, evaluate an argument clearly and present conclusions in an appropriate medium.


A written report should be submitted presenting a critical view of games development and mobile games for kids (referencing the demo). You should ensure that you have met all of the learning objectives listed above. You should also refer to the suggested marking scheme for more information on what should be contained in your final report, (the 2nd document attached)

Material drawn from a variety of sources should be utilised and an appropriate

bibliography presented. As there is a mobile game demo as the basis for a presentation or demonstration of the use of the system. Then the written report may be limited to 3000 words but anything upwards is appropriate too.

Further below shows the some of the points in the marking criteria:

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