Matthew Aid talks about the history and purpose of the National Security Agency, which, since 9/11, has regularly provided the president with a majority of the information he receives in his daily intelligence briefing. Mr. Aid spoke at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.

This activity follows the Activation Principle where the student will recall, describe relevant knowledge and prior knowledge by reviewing the speaker’s presentation and viewing it with a critical eye. The student will then elaborate on the knowledge through the discussion to reflect and consolidate the learning experience.

Initial Post Instructions
After hearing the presentation discuss with your fellow classmates your thoughts as well as answer these questions

1. What concerns should the public have with the actions and authority of the NSA?

2. Should there be more oversight on the NSA and if so who? Would they be as effective with more oversight?

3. What point did you agree with in the presentation and which did you disagree with?

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