This essay is for a competition that I’m joining for, this essay is very very important as it will determine my future. There are more than 10000 participants who will be writing about the same topic and there’s only one winner.

The winner of the best essay will be chosen based on:

Make sure you follow those 1,2,3,4 at the top.

Essays will be graded on the completeness and clarity of their theses and arguments. While it is encouraged writing with personality and style, please note that this is not a creative writing exercise. Responses must take a clear position on the prompt to be considered.

Write an essay answering the prompt below.

While privacy is often recognized as a human right, young children are frequently incapable of making choices in defense of that right. For example, babies have no say in whether their parents post photos of them on Facebook.
To what extent should parents be free to make privacy-affecting decisions on behalf of their children? What (if any) new measures do you think governments or internet businesses ought to put in place in order to protect young children’s right to privacy?

The amount of words should be from 600-800 words

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