1. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
  • What is the history of the firm, including sales, profits, and organizational philosophies?
  • What is the nature of the firm and its current situation?
  • What are the firm’s resources (financial, human, time, experience, asset, skill)?
  1. External Opportunities and Threats
  • Social: What major social and lifestyle trends will have an impact on the firm? What action has the firm been taking in response to these trends?
  • Demographics: What impact will forecast trends in the size, age, profile, and distribution of population have on the firm?
  • Competition: Which organizations are competing with the firm directly by offering a similar product? How effective is the competition? What benefits do competitors offer that the firm does not?
  • Technological: What major technological changes are occurring that affect the firm?
  • Ecological: Are the firm’s products, services, and operations environmentally friendly?

Complete the SWOT analysis for Starbucks.

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