You will be developing a Qual Scheme (flow diagram) of your own. Read about what it is and refer to the example on the first page of the lab. In the following sections I will explain exactly what I need from each lab report for it to receive a satisfactory grade.

Parts I & II

The videos provided will have a sequence of experiments that provides each student with the necessary information to generate a table on what occurs when Ag+, Ba2+, Cu2+, and Fe3+ are mixed with a series of reagents. Use the provided table in part II as a guide to creating your own. Briefly describe in your own words what occurs in each reaction to receive points for both sections. In other words, if your table is detailed enough you do not have to repeat the details for part I observations.

Part III

This part will be different from the example given in the pdf document. Write a procedure, referencing details in the videos provided, on a method to isolate Ag+, Ba2+, Cu2+,Ni2+, and K+. Give justifications as to how these techniques work. Remember, in the laboratory we can use a centrifuge and then decant to isolate a liquid from a solid.

Part IV
Using the procedure in part III develop your own flow diagram that shows how each cation was isolated and summarize the test used and the compound produced from that test. Colors and other observable qualities may not be known but this is expected because we are working from home.

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