“The Constitution That Delicate Balance 11 Immigration Reform” its 58 min 12 sec. Im not sure if you have to watch the whole video but then answer the questions below.

Here are some questions to ponder [ structure the questions as responses by the various panelists]

(1) How does Doris Meissner respond to the question about how the US Coast Guard handles a boat load of Haitian refugees?

(2) What was Michael Posner’s response to the standard prodedure adapted by the US Coast Guard in treating the Haitians?

(3) What was Rudolf Guilliani’s negative response to Posner?

(4) What was David Gardner’s negative response to Guilliani? [hint: Garder used the case of Vietnamese boat people as a comparison to the case of Haitian boat people]

(5) Guillermo Martinez the US Interdiction Policy [in effect, denying asylum [protection] to illegal immigrant refugees] was an “evolution in policy” based on the case of Cuban refugee boat people. This was a political response to a problem. Describe the example of the Cuban refugees and why does denying asylum make sense?

(6) What was Guilliani’s response to the Cuban example. Why is he against “open boarders?”

(7) Roger Conner explains that there is a difference between a refugee on a US Coast Guard boat and the same refugee standing on US soil. Setting foot on US soil would grant a refugee certain rights denied to a refugee who is merely on a US sea vessel out at sea. Still the refugee who has made it onto US soil must be “detained” until the US government can evaluate the case.Here Marvin Shoob and Guilliani are in violent opposition. Explain the difference in their views.

(8) Arthur Alarcon has an interesting response, he claims “the US constitution follows our flag” What does this mean for the Haitian refugee who has been taken aboard the US Coast Guard ship?

(9) Perhaps Arlin Adams held the most controversial position regarding any person who is “in” the US. What did he claim?

(10) Jack Rosenthal, who seems sympathetic to Guilliani’s view, argued that we must have “a standard for choice”. Why, was his argument?.

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