1.) Would you agree to have your infant’s genome included in the studies mentioned in the hypothetical situation above? Why or why not?
2.) What are two possible ethical concerns regarding genome testing?
3.) During the testing, what if the company discovered your child had a gene that might result in a health problem later in life, would you want to be informed? Would you also choose to be tested to determine if you had that genetic sequencing as well? Why or why not?
4.) As more is learned about genes, there is a risk that the information will be used to define certain members of society by their genetic makeup. Would you be comfortable with the information about your or your child’s DNA being made available to future employers and/or health insurance companies? Why or why not?
5.) What about other members of your family? (Ex: Siblings, etc.) Do they have a right to learn of any genetic problem you or your child may have which would indicate that they might have it as well? Why or why not?

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