1.) Based on any information you previously knew about prenatal development, what aspects of the video reaffirmed what you already knew about “making babies”? Be specific.

2.) What pieces of information about conception or development were a surprise to you and why were you surprised? When you consider that some couples have great difficulty “getting pregnant,” and, based on the description of the timing, travels of the sperm and the characteristics of the egg, what can you identify as some of the hindrances to a successful conception?

3.) How would you describe the rate of development in the fetus following implantation? What body systems are first to develop and which systems are last to fully form? Based on the terms used in the textbook, what technical terms would you use to describe the pattern of development (not to be confused with the stages of development)? At what point in development does the fetus begin to look like a human? What processes are necessary for the appropriate genitalia to form, i.e., the penis versus the vagina and uterus?

4.) Knowing what you have learned in the video and read in the chapter, give some examples of some of the more common teratogens and why the pregnant woman should avoid those teratogens?

5.) Why was the smell of food important to Melinda? How might her sensitivity to food smells protect the developing fetus?

6.) As the pregnancy nears the end, what are some of the concerns expressed by the soon-to-be mother and the father in the movie? How might prepared childbirth classes help the soon to be parents in the film? This assignment is worth up to twenty points for a well written answer.

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