Refining research problem

The focal point of my research topic is in relation to the use of technology to support language learning and the perceptions of teachers and students in the integration process of using technology in the classrooms. Technology integration can be seen as a challenging topic to research on, due to the vastness of its context that leads to rapid changes in technological tools and various outcomes, depending on implementation (Vega, 2015) However, when applied effectively and efficiently, technology can enhance instruction and boost students’ interest(Gilakjani,2017). Following the feedback from my tutor/peer in Unit One, I have decided to re-phrase the first two questions for my research as the prior questions were not specific enough.


My research questions now are:

(1) What is the significance of technology on language learning?

(2) What strategies or methods can be used for enhancing lessons to engage learners?

(3) What are the perceptions of teachers, students and parents about the use of technology to support language learning?

Developing a well-focused question is a critical step in the research process. It is important that my questions should not be too broad or too narrow, the questions should be precise and give more direction for research, also making sure the topic is relevant for other people. In order to refine and expand my research, it is important to identify as many literature as possible. Literature search provides the accessibility to gain more knowledge on the topic as well as give insights of how the topic was under- studied (Grewal et al., 2016). In order to expand my literature review, I need to obtain literature that are peer-reviewed as this encourages researchers in striving to produce high quality research. Research done within the last five years are preferable to use (Kelly et al., 2014)

I will need to expand my databases/search engines searches by including Semantic Scholar Scopus, Google Scholar , Research Gate. Academic search also expands by filtering books, magazines from other sources. Some academic sources have their own process which means looking up other sources may help me to discover evidence that can crucially support or contradicts my own hypothesis, that I may not have otherwise consider. Actively expanding the amplitude of my context, will help me to refine my research questions so that I have a more holistic view of my topic in question. An effective method of finding academic sources on my research is to transform my topic into a question, identifying the main concepts or keywords. I can expand the keywords with related synonyms and use in library databases. Another alternative is I could check references on sources for a comprehensive list of articles on my topic. I am unaware of how many articles is adequate for my literature review. My goal is to aim for quality literature review, and for this, you need to have a substantive quantity of sources. For organization purposes, I have designed a summary table for recording my literature review so I can have quick access to information and ensure there is no repetition in researching.



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