The file Bundle contains data on the typical cost of dining at American-cuisine restaurants within a 1-mile walking distance of a hotel located in a large city, as well as a Bundle score (a measure of overall popularity and customer loyalty) for each of 40 selected restaurants. (Source: Data extracted from via the link


What conclusions might you reach concerning Bundle Score and Typical Cost? Write a report to interested stakeholders summarizing your conclusions.


For the ‘typical cost of dining’ and the ‘Bundle score’:

(a) Construct Histograms for each.

(b) Construct Boxplots for each.

(c) Compute Summary Statistics for each.

(d) Create a scatter plot for the typical cost and the Bundle score for the 40 restaurants.

(e) Compute the correlation coefficient between Bundle score and typical cost.

You must include all Excel results for this data as part of the justification for your conclusions. (Include them within the appropriate section – not at the end of your document.)

Your assignment must be submitted as a single word document.

You will find the data in Bundle on LMS under Topic 5, Data Files for Workshop Questions (Levine 2016).1 Based on Question 3.62 in Levine et al (2016)


Further comments:

Your completed assignment needs to include the following components:

  • An Introduction, where the key aspects of this topic are fully discussed. (This discussion should be referenced using the Chicago referencing method)
  • The Body of your assignment, where all of your findings are presented. (This should include relevant Excel results, graphs, tables…) Each of the pieces of information that are included need to be discussed in relation to the given question.
  • A Conclusion, which summarises your key findings and links these back to your comments in the introduction.
  • A Bibliography which includes all resources referenced within your assignment.



Marks will be allocated according to the quality of each of the components above. It is important that you present your assignment with sufficient detail to fully answer the given question, while at the same time present your arguments in a concise way. (As a guide: Word Limit, ~1500 words).

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