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Watch, and write down where in the product life cycle, your product is.

If applicable, write down the most important thing that you need to focus on to be ready for the next step.

Crossing the Chasm
Watch and, if your company is launching something that is new and innovative that requires significant change for your customers, write down whether your customer are:

Early Adopters
Early Majority
Late Majority

If applicable, write down the most important thing that you will need to do to be ready for the next step.

NOTE: you will only be targeting one type of customer, not multiple types at the same time.

Grading Criteria;
Should state whether the product life cycle applies
If so, should state which ONE phase the product is in, and what is the number one specific activity that they will do in the next phase.

Integrated Marketing Campaign;
Marketing Managers think in terms of putting multiple pieces together in a way that has a greater impact than the individual pieces alone.

Watch and write down at least three components of an Integrated Marketing Campaign. Your IMC can include components such as:

Event (ex. tradeshow, conference, meetup, sports)
Online (ex. social media post, webinar that you could do, event that you could live stream)
Email (ex. an email topic that you could send)
Direct Mail (ex. flyer, postcard, letter)
Promotion/Offer (ex. an offer that you could make)
PR (ex. endorsement or joint venture with someone well known)
Partner (ex. an event or campaign that you could do with another organization).

Grading Criteria;
Should list whether crossing the chasm is applicable
If so
should include which ONE phase they are in
what specific activity they will focus on in the next step

Write down a service that you could add to your portfolio. Remember that services are:
Intangible. You cannot hold or touch a service unlike a product.
Can’t see it, feel it, and even test it prior to purchase.
Inseparable. Services cannot be separated from the service provided
provided and consumed at the same time in the same location
Perishable: Can’t be stored and sold the following day or at some other time
Variable: The more your business relies on humans to provide services (instead of automation), the more susceptible you are to variability.

While manager focus on process improvement for product, manager focus on consistency for services.

Write down specifically what you believe that customers will expect. Words like quality or ease are NOT specific enough.

What specifically will you do to maintain and measure consistency of service?

Grading Criteria;
Should be a new service that is related to the company’s current business
Service must be delivered by people
Answer must include the critical task that they do that you want to be consistent
Answer must include a way of measuring the task that you want to be consistent

Global Marketing;
In taking your company global, what specific issues will you have, if any with:

Are there any cultural, political or regional issues that would make your product undesirable?
ex. religious rules, nationalism
Can a significant part of your global market afford your product?
Do distribution, infrastructure, legal, or staffing issues impact your product.
Does your brand work as is, or do you need to modify your brand to fit multiple countries?

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