Answer the questions below in order to write it!
It can be argued that the Renaissance was unrivaled for its impact on European cultural and intellectual history. While it originated in Italy, it eventually spread into northern Europe. Gradually, however, the marvelous spirit of the era declined in the face of the onslaught of several different developments.” The following guideline questions should be utilized and addressed in your essay:

What were the various characteristics of the Renaissance? What were the reasons for the origination of the Renaissance in Italy? What factors led to the decline of the Renaissance in Italy?
Why did the Renaissance spread into northern Europe? How did the Renaissance in northern Europe differ from the one in Italy? Describe the features of Christian humanism in northern Europe’s Renaissance.
What were the various roots of the scientific accomplishments of the Renaissance? What was the Copernican Revolution? Who contributed to this revolution and how did they contribute to it?

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