PURPOSE: Conflict is unavoidable. Not all issues have two clear sides – there is often a lot of gray when trying to resolve a conflict. Your goal in this assignment is to explore an issue of interest to you from a neutral perspective, learn about the various sides to the issue, then, after exploring the problem, select that side that you find most appealing and show a common ground between the varying perspectives.


Select and read a book that is of interest to you.
Explore ideas, questions or conflicting perspectives that emerge from your book.
Examples: (these are my own brainstorming ideas from the topics you selected)

Is criminal behavior influenced by upbringing or genetics?

To what extend does environment feed the criminal mind?

In teaching, is content more important than student-teacher relationships?

Is veganism more beneficial to overall health and longevity?

Does athletic ability always overshadow effort in sports?

To what extent does mental strength outweigh physical pain?

Where does grit come from? Are some people born with a stronger tolerance than others?

What obligation do humans have to sacrifice themselves for the safety of others?

To what extend does science limit our understanding of mental health issues?

Are we overmedicating children?

What moral obligation to doctors have when experimenting on humans?

How does religion/faith help humans cope with difficultly?

How does a person’s faith influence their understanding of the world?

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