First, we need an introduction section about the topic to layout the foundation.

Then, write a section that discusses whether or not coronavirus will cause a global economic recession. If so, then compare it to previous global recessions and provide evidence.

After that, Discuss government plans to provide stimulus packages in countries of the developed world on one hand and countries of the developing world on the other.

Next, we need a section that discusses the unemployment rate changes in major economic countries, such as the USA, EU countries, Russia and China.

Then, write a section that talks about how the poverty rate. Will it rise or fall after the virus’s outbreak and the effect of such an event. It would be great if you can compare nowadays situation with previous world pandemics.

Add a section that discusses the possible global economic future and predictions of where stock markets of major economic powers are headed.

Add a well-written conclusion.

We need two graphs or diagrams. One should support the mentioned points about the unemployment rate. The other should support the points made about the future of global stock markets. Be critically unbiased when discussing these topics because we need a worldwide view on this matter.

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