Coursework 1; Research Methods and Professional Skills

Adequate knowledge of basic research methods and professional skills is essential to pursuing a course of research study ranging from planning to achieving a viable and value adding outcome. It needs a clear definition / identification of research problem and research objective, careful construction of the research methodology that would generate the desired results and a logical conclusion to the study.


  • You are required to carry out a robust search of the literature using key words associated with a subject area of your choice to unveil previous / current studies on a variety of engineering and related topics. The aim is to identify a gap in the literature on a research theme / topic that you could pitch your research dissertation study.

In your proposal you would need to;

(a) Develop a research proposal with a suitable title, clearly highlighting the research problem, the associated research questions and a comprehensive literature review ensuring less than 10% similarity index between your review and previous related studies.

(b) Discuss / justify the research methodology necessary to tackle this course of study to produce the desired outcome.

(c) Describe the sequence of the research process by means of a flow scheme.

(d) Provide a critical review of your proposal and highlight novelty (if any) in your research.

(e) Document all references that support your study using the Harvard referencing system.


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