This will not be exactly a “normal” paper. This paper does not need a conclusion or an introduction. I would like for all two pages to be filled with all the information with no introduction or conclusion.
The paper will be based on all current conditions and what the future may hold of the Democratic Republic of Congo in a political view. How does the Democratic Republic of Congo follow or be an outlier with the current broader trends and patterns of sub-Saharan Africa? In regards to current conditions please explain some current issues that the country is facing. Here are some questions that may be applicable to the Democratic Republic of Congo on current issues. Remember all of these do not have to be answered.
Is your country in the midst of a civil war or other type of conflict? What is the likelihood that it will end?
– Is your country experiencing a health crisis? What are the steps that have been taken to combat this, or have there not been any?
– Does your country have upcoming elections? What is the political climate like heading into these elections?
– Is your country facing any other explicit internal troubles?
– What about neighborhood issues and/or developments that might be influential?
– Could you argue that socio-economic conditions have improved in the most recent decade or two?
If so, what efforts have been made by the state or perhaps other actors?
If some of those questions are not applicable to the Democratic Republic of Congo, no need to state it just disregard the question. The ending of the paper should focus on the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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