Assignment: Essay 9010SWA200329 Why Allocating Additional Funding to the South Carolina Department of Corrections is STILL a Smart Investment for South Carolina Length: 6 pages (NOT including Title and Reference Pages) Spacing: Double-spaced Style:

Sources Needed:
APA Use page numbers in citations. Must include required sources; can include additional as desired, but must include all provided DO NOT FALSIFY CITATIONS; use page numbers within the in-text citations.

Required Sources:
 Waldron Article  Price of Prisons  Ch 5 Mikesell, Fiscal Administration 10ed  SC Budget Information (4 files)  SCDC News Information.

Additional Optional Sources Provided:
 Ch 6 Mikesell , Fiscal Administration 10ed  Ch 7 Mikesell, Fiscal Administration 10ed  Additional Articles.

1. Read Waldron Article as a basis/guide for the paper.

2. Review SC budget information provided and Price of Prisons comparison with other states.

3. Review the additional articles and information provided since the publishing of Waldron’s article.

4. Header: Introduction (1 page) Summarize Waldron’s relevant points in order to build upon them.

5. Header: SCDC Budget Analysis (2 pages) Analyze the funding for the Department of Corrections. Be sure to reference Chapter 5 of Mikesell at least.

6. Header: Justification for Allocation (3 pages) Explain why additional funding for SCDC security initiatives is a wise investment for South Carolina.

7. References

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